My Return to Korea: September-October 2003

I received many messages about the pictures I took in Korea during 1968-1969. Most of the messages were from Korean citizens; the majority of the messages mentioned that the pictures I took so many years ago now have historical significance. Many, if not all, of the pictures I took depict scenes that are no longer present.

Anyang, located approximately 25 miles south of Seoul, had a population of less than 50,000 people when I was there in 1968. Now the population of Anyang City is more than 600,000 people. Anyang in the beginning of the 21st Century is significantly different from Anyang in the mid 20th Century.

Unfortunately, it seems that there were very few photographs taken of Anyang and its environs in the 1960's. The pictures I took and stored away for 34 years, show views of Anyang that have disappeared and, other than my pictures, there are very few visual records of Anyang in the 1960's.

The city government of Anyang requested that I provide Anyang with 100 duplicate 35mm color slides of some of the Anyang specific photographs that I took while I was stationed in Korea. These Anyang specific pictures would ensure that the city would have a more complete visual record of the Anyang area in the late 1960's. I gladly agreed with the request, and I provided Anyang City with the duplicate slides. It was my small contribution to the continuation of Korean-American friendship and understanding.

The city government also asked me if I would be interested in returning to Anyang, after leaving Korea 34 years ago. They requested my participation in the October 2-5 30th anniversary Anyang City Festival. The festival would celebrate the 30th year since Anyang exceeded a population of 100,000 people. The Korean federal government requires a population center to have more than 100,000 people prior to being classified as a city. At the festival there would also be an exhibition of 100 16" x 20" and 20" x 24" prints of the 35mm slide images that I provided to Anyang.

I was deeply honored by the offer, and I was intrigued by the possibility of returning to Korea after 34 years. So, on 24 September I departed from San Francisco International Airport on a trip that would eventually bring me to Anyang, Korea. My first stop on the trip was Tokyo, Japan, I then flew to Seoul, Korea, and, thanks to the United States Eighth Army, I also received a guided tour of parts of the South Korean/North Korean demilitarized zone. Then, finally, to Anyang, where I would attend the 30th anniversary festival, an exhibition of my photos, and I would also become an honorary citizen of Anyang City...what fun!

This magical trip would not have been possible without the assistance of Ms. Wolae Jung, Deputy Director, Department of Culture and Art, Anyang City, Korea.

Ms. Hae-Kyung (Michelle) Kim, a private citizen, helped to make the trip an absolute pleasure.

I would also like to thank Mayor Shin Joong-Dai, and all of the City Council members of Anyang City.

In addition, I want to thank Mr. Kim Sung-Soo, Mr. Kim Ji-Seok, Mr. Kong Beom-Seok, Ms. Hur Sook-Hee, Captain Kone Faulkner, Mr. Kim Dae-Kyu, Captain David Zaino, Lieutenant Colonel Steven Boylan, Mr. Choi Kyung-Tae, Mr. Cho Moon-Sung, Mr. Han Yang-Ho, Mr. Robert S. Lawrence, Mr. John A. Cushing, Mr. Lim Jong-Wook, Ms. Myung-Sook Oh, Ms. Kyung Deok (Savina) Jeon, Ms. Seong Won (Sarah) Lee, Mr. Kwon Doo-Hyun, Mr. Lee Jung-Bum, Mr. Hidenori Machida, Mr. Jim Moran, Mr. Jeon and his wife Ms. Kim, Mr. Lee Yang-Woo, Ms. Chun Su-Jin, Mr. Joseph Giordano and all the citizens of Anyang City.

I apologize to those helpful people that I inadvertently did not mention. Thanks to all of you for helping to make my return trip to Korea an unforgettable experience!

I took many photos during my trip and have posted some of the pictures on this web site. Ms. Hae-Kyung (Michelle) Kim also took pictures of my return to Korea. She has graciously provided me with her digital photographs, and I have incorporated some of her pictures into the photo essay of my trip. In addition, Ms. Wolae Jung provided me with some photographic prints of my stay in Anyang City. I have scanned the prints and have also incorporated some of them in the photo essay. The pictures have been posted in chronological order; you can view them below.

PLEASE NOTE: I have not completed the processing of all of the pictures. The posting will be completed as soon as possible. Please check back.

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September-October 2003 Korean-Japanese Picture Collection

This photo collection consists of more than 700 images of Korea and Japan

All of the photos by Hae-Kyung (Michelle) Kim, and Neil Mishalov were taken with a Canon S50 digital camera.

Click on a photo to access that specific collection of pictures

JAPAN 25-26 September

Leave San Francisco International airport. Arrive Narita/Tokyo International airport. The Ginza, Asakusa, Senso-ji Buddhist temple

Collection of 60 pictures

JAPAN 27-28 September

Tokyo, Shibamata, "Mr. Torajiro," Machiya, Sugamo, Imperial Palace, Tokyo Tower, Sumida River, Tokyo National Museum

KOREA 28-29 September

Inchon/Seoul International airport, Driving through Seoul, A farm on Kwangwha Island. Rice harvesting, a Buddhist temple

Collection of 63 pictures

KOREA 30 September

War Memorial of Korea, Panmunjom, Camp Bonifas, DMZ/JSA, 8th Army HQ: Yongsan, Seoul

Collection of 133 pictures

KOREA 1 October

Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Crossing the Han River on a train ride to Anyang City

Collection of 68 pictures

KOREA 2 October

Anyang Honorary Citizenship, Seoksu-dong: site of 83rd Ordnance Battalion, site of MSA, Sister-City banquet

Collection of 109 pictures

KOREA 3 October

Anyang City 30th Anniversary Festival, Ribbon-cutting for the photo exhibition, People viewing the pictures, entertainment: light show, singing & dancing

Collection of 100 pictures


KOREA 4 October


KOREA 5 October

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