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Photo: First Place Finish: Milan - San Remo, 1972

EDDY "Le Cannibal" MERCKX

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Some Interesting Bicycle Rides,Tours and Articles

Surviving the Bicycle Business Downturn

Morris Worksman was a man ahead of his time. In 1898, he had a vision that horse carts could be replaced with human-powered vehicles that would not foul the streets with messy horse byproducts. He finally got his break in the early 1930's when a young company called Good Humor asked him to build delivery tricycles for its ice cream peddlers, establishing the Good Humor man as an American icon.

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Who Needs TV? They Pedal Bikes to Peddle Ads

In Beijing, where television advertising and billboards are expensive, a line of teenage cyclists advertise a furniture company by riding in formation around the city.

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San Diego Christmas Bicycle Ride, December 26 -31, 1997

A Bicycle Ride Through San Diego, Imperial and Riverside Counties, California.

A 372 mile bike ride with 100 bike riders.

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Cycle Oregon X, September 7- 13, 1997

A Bicycle Ride from the Idaho Border to the Pacific Ocean.

A 530 mile bike ride with 2,000 bike riders. Complete with photographs, maps and altitude gain profile sheets.

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A Bicycle Ride from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, 1995

Bruce Weber in his March 1, 1995 New York Times article, describes his bicycle ride from northern to southern Vietnam.

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 Mountain Biking Along The Ho Chi Minh Trail

Robert T. Lewis recounts his exciting bicycle ride in Vietnam, January '95. Included are some photographs of the ride.

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 A report on Cycle Oregon VIII, 1995

2,200 riders spin up and down the road.

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 Manning the lunch stop at the Grizzly Peak Century, 1995

Feeding 800 very hungry bicycle riders.

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I Rode in the Raw! (Ride Around Wyoming)

Devils Tower, Wyoming and Mount Rushmore, South Dakota.

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 Riding Pinnacles National Monument and the Salinas Valley

Rain? No way, it's not gonna rain.

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