Korean Military Air Show

Seoul, Korea: 1968

Photographs by Neil Mishalov

I spent 13 months stationed in Korea, from March, 1968 to April, 1969.

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bombingrun.tif bw-korea-20.jpg bw-korea-21.jpg
bw-korea-32.jpg bw-korea-38.jpg helicopter.tif
plainer6.tif plane4.tif planer.tif
planeshindig.tif planeshindigg.tif planeshow.tif
planeshow2.tif planeshow4.tif planestuff2.tif
planething.tif planethinger.tif plangiggy.tif
planie.tif plannier.tif rok planes.tif
rokhelicopter.tif street32.tif street42.tif
street65.tif street98.tif streetscene25.tif
streetscene3.tif streetscene5.tif targetpract.tif
Untitled-110.tif Untitled-111.tif Untitled-112.tif
Untitled-114.tif Untitled-115.tif Untitled-136.tif
Untitled-137.tif Untitled-138.tif Untitled-139.tif
Untitled-179.tif Untitled-243.tif Untitled-245.tif
Untitled-249.tif Untitled-250.tif Untitled-251.tif
Untitled-252.tif Untitled-253.tif Untitled-254.tif
Untitled-257.tif Untitled-258.tif Untitled-259.tif
Untitled-260.tif Untitled-264.tif Untitled-300.tif
Untitled-301.tif Untitled-302.tif Untitled-303.tif
Untitled-304.tif Untitled-305.tif Untitled-306.tif
Untitled-307.tif Untitled-308.tif Untitled-309.tif
Untitled-310.tif Untitled-311.tif Untitled-312.tif
Untitled-313.tif Untitled-332.tif Untitled-91.tif
Untitled-92.tif vendorplane.tif waterfire.tif

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