The Grizzly Peak Century

A Report From The Lunch Stop

May 1995

By Neil Mishalov


The lunch stop was a great success and things went as well as can be expected when you barbecue 430 pounds of chicken breasts and dish out hundreds of pounds of tasty homemade goodies within a seven hour period! The lunch went well because of all the wonderful hard working lunch stop volunteers. Thanks, and a tip of the hat to all of you:

Jeff Oh, Jerry Pellegrino, Larry Moss, Jonas Israel, Patty Kline, Dana Cooledge, Kaya Balke, Jill McIntyre, Deborah Burns, Larry Pon, Ajit De Silva, Fred Ingham, Dick Wezelman, Keith White, Sue Majewski, Grace Keilly, Paul and Evan, B.B. Borowitz and unnamed others.

We started setting up at 7 a.m. and experienced a touch of anxiety as we waited for the chicken and homemade goodies to arrive; after the food arrived we were in business! Jeff, Larry, Jonas, Ajit and Grace handled the barbecue with Ajit also combining the ingredients for the secret Grizzly Peak recipe for barbecue sauce. This year for the first time, we added approximately 1.5 pounds of chopped fresh garlic to the secret concoction, er . . . recipe. Great job, cooking crew! Dana, Patty, B.B., Jerry, Jill, Sue, Deborah, Paul, Kaya and Dick helped serve the delicious homemade tabbouli, fruit salad, pasta salad, homemade breads cookies, and the diced chicken. What a team!

Keith White, did the 150 mile Ishi Ride out of Chico on Saturday, and so he was a little thirsty Sunday morning and was very interested in finding the soda. Whoops, there was none to be found at the lunch stop early in the morning, so Keith went off to Safeway to pick up gallons of soda. After consuming enough caffeine and sugar to get himself going, Keith handled the distribution of the liquid refreshments. Good going, Keith! Larry Pon was up at 3:30 a.m. to pick up 500 fresh baked Noah's Bagels that he then delivered to Dave Barr for distribution to the aid stations. Later in the afternoon after Larry did the 70 mile loop, he helped barbecue the chicken. Thanks Larry!

The first riders started coming through the lunch stop at approximatly 11 a.m., and the peak was between 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.. Other than a few times when the riders had to wait for a maximum of five minutes on the food line, people were served quickly and they ate as much food as they wanted. We had ample chicken cooked and ready for consumption until approximately three p.m., when it appeared that we were going to run out of the bird! It was unclear as to how many people were still out on the course, and we wanted to make sure that every rider would have an opportunity to have chicken when they arrived after their ride. Therefore, Sam Leffler the Century Honcho, made a command decision. Sam asked Club President Peter Armstrong to make a run to Safeway and pick up another 30 pounds of chicken breasts. Peter came rushing back with the chicken, and Kaya and I quickly put the chicken on the grill. We had a couple of riders grumble about the short wait, but the great majority were understanding and patiently waited for the chicken to cook.

What about next year? Glad you asked!

Perhaps some more chicken, maybe 475 pounds. More cookies and less sweet bread. The bagels seem to be a winner, 600 next year should do it. Enough soda should be ordered to stock the lunch stop in addition to the aid stations. More caffeine/sugar soda, and less non-caffeinated/ sugar free soda . . . Most riders want a hit of caffeine sugar! The pasta in the pasta salad was somewhat overcooked, let's try al dente next year! Gee, I'm sure there are other suggestions . . . Oh yes, let's get someone else to be in charge of the lunch stop. It provides the kind of fun and excitement that should be shared by as many club members as possible! Again, thanks to all the lunch stop volunteers.

Copyright © 1996 by Neil Mishalov. All rights reserved.

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