Pictures of Korea 1954-1955

Donald Gaydos was stationed in Korea during 1954 and 1955. He arrived in Korea during September 1954 and left Korea during January 1956. He was a Private First Class and was an Ammunition Storage and Supply Specialist. He was assigned to the 363rd Ordnance Company (Ammo), and he was stationed at Ammo Depot 053 which was located near the village of Songhwan-Ni. The village is located south of Osan and north of Taejon.

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A Bombed Out Power Plant.jpg A Korean Elder.jpg A Load Of Rice.jpg
Bombed out power plant Korean elders An oxen with a load of rice
A Local.jpg A School Girl.jpg Bringing Home The Water.jpg
Bringing goods to the market A school girl Bringing water to the hootch
Chikdren At The Market.jpg Don Gaydos.jpg Farm In 1954.jpg
Children at the market Don Gaydos Farm in 1954
Fish Market.jpg Hauling Small Arms Ammo.jpg Howitzer Zeroed In At The 1.jpg
Fish market Hauling small arms ammo Howitzer
KATUSAS At The Railhead.jpg Laborer.jpg Laundry Day.jpg
KATUSA'S at the railhead Laborer Laundry day
Market Day In Songhwan-ni.jpg NCO Club.jpg One Of Our Storage Bays.jpg
Market day in Songhwan-ni NCO Club An ammo storage bay
One Of The Little Ones.jpg Our Home and Depot 053.jpg Our Houseboy Kim.jpg
A little one Our home in Depot 053 Don Gaydos, a trooper and Mr. Kim, our assistant
Our Office Worker.jpg Our PX Gals.jpg Our Transportation To Korea.jpg
The office assistant Two women who worked in the PX The ship that took us to Korea
PFC Don Gaydos.jpg PX  On The Right, Home On T.jpg Red Hot Peppers For Kimchee.jpg
PFC Don Gaydos PX on the right, home on the left Chili peppers drying in the sun
Some Of The Guys Going Home.jpg Some Of The Guys of Depot.jpg Songhwani Street.jpg
Going home! At the ammo depot Songhwani Street
The Village Well.jpg Tne Compund During Winter.jpg Train At Songhwan-ni.jpg
The village well The compound during winter Songhwan train station
Village Kids At The Main Gate.jpg
Village kids at the main gate

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